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Trigonometry In One Shot: NCERT Chapter 8 Quick Revision for Class 10

Ace your board exams with our comprehensive one-shot revision of NCERT Class 10 Trigonometry. Tailored for CBSE and ICSE students, this course simplifies Chapter 8, making trigonometry concepts easy and accessible.
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Last Updated:January 15, 2024
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About Course

Embark on a journey to master Trigonometry with our ‘Trigonometry in One Shot’ course, perfectly aligned with NCERT Chapter 8 for Class 10 students. This course is designed to provide a quick yet thorough revision of the entire chapter, catering specifically to CBSE and ICSE board exam preparations.

Our expert instructors have distilled the essence of Trigonometry, simplifying complex concepts into easily digestible content. The course begins with a fundamental overview of trigonometric ratios, ensuring that students grasp the basic building blocks of the subject. We then delve into detailed explanations of specific angles and identities, crucial for solving trigonometry problems efficiently.

We understand the importance of practical application. Therefore, our course includes real-world examples and scenarios, helping students connect theoretical knowledge with its practical uses, particularly in geometry and real-life situations.

This course is not just a revision guide; it’s a tool to build a strong foundation in Trigonometry, essential for students aiming for excellence in their Class 10 board exams.

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What I will learn?

  • Fundamental understanding of Trigonometric Ratios and their significance in geometry.
  • Mastery of Trigonometric Identities and their application in various problems.
  • Efficient techniques for solving trigonometry questions in board exams.
  • Practical applications of trigonometry in real-world scenarios.
  • Enhanced problem-solving skills and analytical thinking.
  • Confidence to tackle trigonometry questions in CBSE and ICSE board exams.

Course Curriculum

Trigonometry in One Shot
Trigonometry in One Shot offers a comprehensive, quick revision of NCERT's Chapter 8, tailored for Class 10 students. This lesson efficiently covers all essential concepts of trigonometry, ensuring thorough preparation for both CBSE and ICSE board exams.

  • Trigonometry in One Shot

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  • Basic understanding of Class 9 Mathematics concepts.
  • Familiarity with geometric shapes and angles.
  • Interest and willingness to learn complex trigonometric concepts.
  • Ability to dedicate time for thorough revision and practice.
  • Access to NCERT Class 10 Mathematics textbook for reference.


Tarique Anwar
Tarique Anwar
Mathematics Instructor
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