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Solid State Chemistry Class 12 Full Course For ICSE, CBSE & JEE/NEET Aspirants

Master the intricacies of solid state chemistry with our detailed course, tailored for Class 12, JEE, and NEET candidates. Dive deep into the types, properties, and atomic structures of solids with lectures aligned with NCERT Chapter 4. Available in both English and हिंदी.
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Last Updated:January 8, 2024
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About Course

Embark on a comprehensive journey through the world of solid state chemistry, a crucial component for Class 12 board exams and competitive exams like JEE and NEET. This course, spanning 1 hour and 54 minutes, is meticulously designed to align with NCERT Chapter 4, catering to both CBSE and ICSE syllabi.

Starting with ‘Solid State 01,’ students will delve into the types and properties of solids, gaining a fundamental understanding that sets the stage for advanced concepts. The second lecture, ‘Solid State 02,’ focuses on the determination of atoms and atomic radius, a key area in understanding the molecular structure of solids. Lastly, ‘Solid State 03’ covers density, packing fraction, and Hcp, topics essential for a thorough understanding of solid state chemistry.

Our course is not just about theoretical knowledge. We emphasize practical understanding, ensuring students can apply concepts in real-world scenarios and competitive exams. The bilingual delivery (English and हिंदी) makes the course accessible to a wider audience, enhancing the learning experience.

Key features of this course include:

  • Detailed explanation of types and properties of solids
  • In-depth analysis of atomic structures in solids
  • Understanding of density and packing in solid materials
  • Tailored content for Class 12, JEE, and NEET aspirants
  • Bilingual instruction for broader accessibility
  • Aligned with NCERT Chapter 4 for CBSE and ICSE boards

This course is ideal for students who aim to excel in their board exams as well as those preparing for JEE and NEET. With expert instructors and comprehensive content, students are set for success in solid state chemistry.

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What I will learn?

  • Fundamental concepts of solid state chemistry, including types and properties of solids
  • Techniques for determining atomic structures and radii in solid materials
  • In-depth understanding of density and packing fractions in solids
  • Preparation strategies for Class 12 Chemistry exams, JEE, and NEET
  • Application of solid state concepts in practical scenarios
  • Bilingual comprehension of complex topics in both English and हिंदी

Course Curriculum

Types and Properties of Solid
Types and Properties of Solid" delves into the fascinating world of solid materials, exploring their diverse types and inherent properties. This lesson provides a foundational understanding, crucial for students aiming to excel in CBSE, ICSE, and competitive exams like JEE and NEET.

  • Types and Properties of Solid

Determination of Atoms and Atomic Radius
Determination of Atoms and Atomic Radius" is an insightful lesson focusing on the methods used to identify atoms and measure their atomic radius. This topic is vital for students preparing for competitive exams like JEE and NEET, as it lays the groundwork for advanced concepts in Chemistry.

Density, Packing Fraction and Hcp
Density, Packing Fraction, and Hcp" explores the intriguing concepts of how atoms are arranged in solids, focusing on Hexagonal Close Packing (Hcp). This lesson is crucial for understanding material properties, a key topic in JEE and NEET Chemistry syllabi.

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  • Students should have a basic understanding of Class 11 Chemistry concepts
  • Familiar with the basics of atomic structure and bonding
  • Knowledge of NCERT Class 11 Chemistry syllabus is recommended for a smoother learning experience.


Mohammad Kalim
Mohammad Kalim
Chemistry Tutor
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