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Redox Reactions for Class 11 Chemistry: Full Course for IIT| JEE| NEET

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Last Updated:May 7, 2024
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About Course

Our Redox Reactions course is specifically designed for Class 11 students preparing for CBSE, ICSE, and State Board exams. This course offers an in-depth examination of redox (reduction-oxidation) processes, which are crucial for a solid foundation in chemistry.

We begin with the basics of what redox reactions are, focusing on oxidation states, identifying oxidizing and reducing agents, and the concept of electron transfer in chemical reactions. Our comprehensive curriculum covers various methods of balancing redox reactions, including the oxidation number method and the half-reaction method, ensuring students are well-prepared to tackle any related question in their exams.

Beyond just theoretical knowledge, we include numerous real-life applications of redox reactions, illustrating their importance in biological systems, industrial processes, and environmental phenomena. This practical approach helps students appreciate the relevance of chemistry in everyday life.

Throughout the course, students will benefit from:

  • Detailed video lectures and interactive sessions that explain complex concepts in a clear and engaging way.
  • Practical demonstrations of laboratory techniques for conducting redox reactions.
  • A vast array of practice questions and past exam papers to enhance problem-solving skills.

The course structure is designed to cater to both novice and advanced learners, making it ideal for anyone looking to master Class 11 Chemistry effectively.

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Course Curriculum

Redox Reactions
Understanding Redox Reactions in Class 11 Chemistry is pivotal for mastering the balancing of chemical equations and identifying the oxidizing and reducing agents. This lesson is crucial for students preparing for competitive exams like JEE and NEET, as well as board exams.

  • Types of Redox Reactions
  • Oxidation and Reduction
  • Balancing of Redox Reaction

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  • Basic understanding of chemical reactions and equations from previous classes.
  • Familiarity with the periodic table and common elements.
  • Conceptual knowledge of atoms, molecules, and their interactions.
  • Enthusiasm and curiosity about learning advanced chemistry concepts.
  • Commitment to engage with course materials and participate in interactive sessions.


Mohammad Kalim
Mohammad Kalim
Chemistry Tutor
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