Chemical Reactions and Equations Class 10 Chemistry NCERT Ch-1 for CBSE & ICSE

Unlock the secrets of chemical reactions with our comprehensive 75-minute course designed for Class 10 students. Dive into NCERT Chapter 1 with dual language support in English and Hindi, tailored for both CBSE and ICSE syllabi. Perfect for grasping the fundamentals of chemistry!
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Last Updated:January 6, 2024
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About Course

Embark on a scientific journey with our engaging and insightful course on Chemical Reactions and Equations, specifically designed for Class 10 students following the CBSE and ICSE curricula. This 1 hour 15-minute course delves into the core concepts of NCERT Chapter 1, making it an essential resource for mastering chemistry fundamentals.

Our course simplifies complex chemical processes, ensuring that students understand the basics of chemical reactions and how they are represented through equations. We explore different types of chemical reactions such as combination, decomposition, displacement, and more, providing real-life examples to make learning more relatable and engaging.

The course is conducted in a bilingual format, offering explanations in both English and Hindi, catering to a diverse range of learners. This approach ensures that language is not a barrier in understanding crucial concepts. We emphasize the balancing of chemical equations, a skill critical for academic success in chemistry.

Students will also learn about the effects of chemical reactions, including energy changes, formation of new substances, and the law of conservation of mass. Our course is enriched with interactive quizzes, detailed explanations, and practical examples, making it ideal for those preparing for their Class 10 board exams and laying a solid foundation for future chemistry studies.

We cover key topics such as:

  • Understanding Chemical Equations
  • Types of Chemical Reactions
  • Balancing Chemical Equations
  • Energy Changes in Chemical Reactions
  • Practical Applications of Chemical Reactions
  • Conservation of Mass in Reactions
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What I will learn?

  • Understand the fundamentals of chemical reactions and their classifications.
  • Master the art of writing and balancing chemical equations.
  • Explore the energy changes involved in chemical reactions.
  • Discover the practical applications of various chemical reactions in everyday life.
  • Learn about the law of conservation of mass in chemical reactions.
  • Gain insights into NCERT Chapter 1 for Class 10 Chemistry, beneficial for both CBSE and ICSE students.

Course Curriculum

Chemical Reactions And Equations
Dive into the fascinating world of Chemical Reactions and Equations, a foundational topic for aspiring scientists. This lesson introduces you to the basic principles of chemical reactions, exploring how substances react and the role of equations in representing these changes accurately in both JEE and CBSE/ICSE syllabi.

  • Chemical Reactions And Equations

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  • Basic understanding of Class 9 Chemistry concepts.
  • Interest in exploring chemical phenomena.
  • Access to NCERT Class 10 Chemistry textbook for reference.
  • Bilingual ability (English and Hindi) for better comprehension.
  • Eagerness to engage in interactive learning and quizzes.
  • A notebook and pen for note-taking and practicing equation balancing.


Mohammad Kalim
Mohammad Kalim
Chemistry Tutor
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