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Area Under Curve One Shot: Quick Revision for Class 12 CBSE & ICSE Board Exams

Ace the 'Application of Integrals' chapter swiftly with our one-shot Area Under Curve revision guide. Perfect for Class 12 CBSE and ICSE students aiming for excellence in their Board Exams.
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Last Updated:January 15, 2024
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About Course

Dive into the fascinating world of integrals with our specialized course on ‘Area Under Curve’ designed exclusively for Class 12 students preparing for CBSE and ICSE Board Exams. Our quick revision module efficiently covers all the crucial aspects of the Application of Integrals chapter, ensuring a thorough understanding in a short span of time.

This course offers an in-depth look into various techniques for calculating the area under curves, an essential skill in advanced mathematics. Our expert instructors break down complex concepts into simple, understandable segments, making it easier for students to grasp and remember. We cover a range of methods, from basic integration to more advanced techniques, tailored for the CBSE and ICSE curriculum.

Not only do we focus on theoretical knowledge, but we also provide practical examples and problem-solving sessions. These exercises are designed to enhance students’ analytical skills, preparing them for the types of questions they can expect in their Board Exams.

With this course, students will not just learn how to calculate areas under curves but also understand the real-life applications of these mathematical concepts. It’s an essential tool for students aiming to score high in their Class 12 Board Exams.

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What I will learn?

  • Understand the fundamental concepts of the Area Under Curve and its applications in various fields.
  • Master basic to advanced integration techniques for calculating areas.
  • Gain proficiency in solving complex area problems efficiently and accurately.
  • Learn to tackle real-world scenarios using area calculation methods.
  • Acquire tips and tricks for quick revisions and exam preparation.
  • Analyze and solve past Board Exam questions for better exam readiness.

Course Curriculum

Area Under Curve in One Shot
Area Under Curve in One Shot is a focused, rapid revision lesson designed to strengthen your understanding of Application of Integrals. This concise yet comprehensive session is tailored for Class 12 students preparing for CBSE and ICSE Board Exams, emphasizing key concepts and problem-solving techniques.

  • Area Under Curve in One Shot

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  • Basic understanding of Integration and its principles.
  • Familiarity with Class 11 Mathematics syllabus, especially calculus.
  • Enthusiasm for learning and improving problem-solving skills.
  • Dedication to complete the course and practice the exercises provided.


Tarique Anwar
Tarique Anwar
Mathematics Instructor
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